Re-routing traffic consultation

The residents of Avon Crescent, Ashton Avenue and Nova Scotia Place have been meeting since 2013 to try and develop a solution to the dangerous way many vehicles use our roads. 

The residents' group, Harbourheads, have developed a safe re-routing scheme that will work with the new Metrobus road layout and conforms to HCCA Community Traffic Strategy

Bristol City Council have launched a Public Consultation – closing on September 30th – based on the Harbourheads scheme to reroute traffic at the west end of Spike Island. A leaflet about this scheme was delivered to households in this area by post on 7th/8th September.

We urge you to support this scheme which will improve safety to all at this busy west end of the harbour. Rerouting proposals will help to reduce the negative impact of Metrobus, and minimise delays to everyone needing vehicular access on and off Spike Island.

Please email [email protected] with your points in its favour.    


Map to download

For more detail on the scheme and how to respond read on...

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