Information about the proposed Western Harbour development

On 11th September 2019 a Community Meeting was held at Holy Trinity Church, Hotwell Road, BS8. About 180 local people attended. Dennis Gornall, HCCA Chair is composing a letter to the council with the community response to these proposals which we wil share.

Most of the important documents relating to this matter can be found here

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Letter from the Mayor's Office June 2018

The Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group was set up in spring 2018 in response to development plans for Hotwells. A public meeting was held on April 9th, here are the details of the presentation from the council

The response in the meeting included concerns that any new development included proper social housing and social infrastructure, community cohesion, environmental & flood risk concern, objections to high rise development, respect for local history, respect for the local community in terms of the disruption caused by development.


Some of the group met with the Mayor's Office on 21/06/18. here is a letter of response form the Mayor. To share your views with us, email

Marvin Rees 0117 922 2420 28 June 2018

To the Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group (CBSG),

I am writing to open lines of communication between your group and myself regarding our ambitious plans for the redevelopment of Cumberland Basin. I understand that you feel we have not been clear enough about what stage of the process we are at. I believe that, following the meeting between yourselves and my policy team last week, a positive relationship has now been created - and I wish to build on this moving forward.

As I have stated publicly, we plan to replace the old road network across the Western end of the harbour and develop the available land on both sides of the Avon - bringing more affordable housing to the city centre and extending the harbour as a residential area to the west. We have commissioned a report to look at the how we can best design the road network in the area to improve people flow and release land for much needed homes.

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