Cumberland Basin Stakeholders Group

In February 2018, Dennis Gornall (Chairman) and Councillor Mark Wright met with Alison Bromilow from Bristol’s Neighbourhood Planning Network (BNPN) to discuss creating a Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group (CBSG). This arose out of reaction to the Mayor’s annual address to the city the previous October. The idea being that the CBSG should act as both a vehicle for dialogue with Bristol City Council (BCC) and act to protect the interests of local people as the plans for “Western Harbour” develop.

The CBSG held its first meeting in May 2018. The make- up of the Group has altered slightly over time but is, as of February 2021, made up of 6 local residents, 1 local business, 7 local and community interest groups (HCCA, CHIS, Underfall Yard, BS3 Planning Group, Hotwells and District Allotments Association, Friends of Avonquay, Avon Gorge activities) 4 Councillors (one each from Clifton, Hotwells and Harbourside, Bedminster and Southville), Bristol Civic Society and Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network.

The Terms of Reference for the CBSG (October 2019) can be read here:

Cumberland Basin