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Hotwells Surgery is currently located at 2-3 Charles Place, BS8 4QW 0117 929 4334  

Your local councillors are Mark Wright for Hotwells & Harbourside and Jerome Thomas and Paula O'Rourke for Clifton

Our Bristol Waste Community Engagement Officer is

Public transport Information:
Ferry Services in the Floating Harbour  0117 927 3416
Wessex bus 506
For scheduling public transport journeys in the South West

Links to local sites of interest:

The Underfall boatyard

Brunel's Other Bridge 

Clifton Susp:ension Bridge:

Clifton rocks Railway: 

SS Great Britain:        

Tourist Information:    

The amenity group for conservation and planning  issues in Clifton and Hotwells is Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society