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September 2020 Newsletter

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Coronavirus and our community

We are very aware that lives for everyone in our Community are being severely affected in one way or another during this pandemic. We want to wish everyone in our community the very best of health in this difficult time. We would be pleased to help anyone in our community if we can. So if you, or someone you know, needs help in any way please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist.

You can contact us by phoning 0117 929 1883 or send an email to

We are deliberately not providing advice on Coronavirus as this changes almost daily, and advice can be found at or or <

Neighbourhood help groups have been established to assist those most in need, and just to support each other. It is our belief that help is most easily provided by those closest to each other, whether that is geographical, or as members of related families. We hope there is a help group within your reach.

You might also find one of these Facebook pages useful.

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If you are part of a neighbour help group, and would like the HCCA to assist in advertising your group, then please get in touch and we can place information in our bulletin and/or on relevant noticeboards. Also if you think of things the HCCA could do to help people or groups in our community please do get in touch.

Stay Safe. Keep Healthy.


Cumberland Basin/Western Harbour


For the latest information on the Cumberland Basin or "Western Harbour" please click here.


The Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group have written to the Mayor of Bristol asking for reassurances about engagement before development in the light of the Covid 19 lock-down which is preventing meaningful engagement as planned.The letter can be viewed here and and the Mayor’s response can be viewed here.

Following on from the idea of an early engagement plan (see History and Timeline), on 26th February the Chairman of the Advisory Group, John Savage, together with the Mayor and officers from Bristol City Council met many of the staff of Riverside Garden Centre along with other local businesses and local people. We understand that Riverside Garden Centre will be facilitating creating a business group to engage with BCC in relation to the thinking and planning for any development within the area.

HCCA have recently received an invitation, as part of the early engagement plan, to meet with John Savage and members of the Advisory Group and your committee is in the process of trying to find suitable venue and date that will allow as many as possible to participate in such a meeting. More will be posted here and elsewhere as soon as we know the details.

Update 19 March 2020

Having written only very recently of our plans to hold an open meeting with John Savage and members of the Advisory Group, we have now had to put this on hold because of Covid 19 and the Government advice regarding gatherings. Clearly we have no idea at the present time how long this will last. Sufficient to say that as soon as it is sensible to think about organising a meeting we will look for a suitable date, time and place and let as many as we can know about it.

For more information re Cumberland Basin/Western Harbour click here (to be taken to the relevant page).