Liveable Neighbourhoods

Hotwells & Harbourside Liveable Neighbourhoods Group

Would you like cleaner air where you live? Peace and quiet? Less traffic? Safer streets? Play areas for kids and safe routes to school? An attractive, thriving local high street with outdoor seating and lots of greenery? Higher life expectancy? A healthier city? 

Liveable Neighbourhoods have been defined as 'residential neighbourhoods with traffic filters inside them to stop cars, vans and lorries using the streets as rat-runs’, but we’d like to broaden that out a bit in our locality because we have such a variety of roads with varying speed limits, and Hotwells Road which is a potential high street which is also an arterial road. 

Our group is part of a wider Bristol campaign for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods called Liveable Bristol and is currently run by volunteers. Uniting our overall aims and linking with groups citywide will give us a stronger voice when it comes to taking to Bristol City Council and regional and national Government about community aspirations for a safer, cleaner Bristol. The Liveable Bristol website has a Q & A page and examples of successful LN’s.


We’d love you to join us in updating our 2008 Community Traffic Strategy and start working together to create some plans for a better streets for all users. You can do this by coming to our first meetings. To ensure everyone can come along we are holding the meeting on two dates; 24th March 1pm-2.15pm & 30th March 6pm-7.15pm it accessible for everyone. Please sign up by clicking on this Eventbrite link and booking a free ticket. We can then send you a zoom link nearer the time.

If you can’t make the meeting or have access issues, please email us your comments, ideas, frustrations and traffic hotspots [email protected] 

After we’ve listened to your views, we are hoping to organise some neighbourhood walks with residents and capture some of your opinions with video, audio or photographs so that we can start to create a new Community Traffic Plan and campaign for change.

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