Council Plans for consultation

On Monday 9th April we had a community meeting to discuss local responses to a plan proposed by the council for developments to Hotwells (named 'Western Harbour' by the proposal)

There is a chance for local people to comment by Friday this week.

Here is the powerpoint presentation and the link to the Local Plan

Please email to comment


Local News

May 2018 Bulletin 31

Welcome to this month’s e-newsletter for HCCA sharing community news from Hotwells, Cliftonwood, Spike Island and wider Bristol. If you wish to contribute to our next bulletin, please send us a short paragraph and link/s where relevant by 31st May. We would always be very happy to hear from you. Visit our website for more!

In this issue:

  1. Somali Cultural Evening
  2. Harbour Plans meeting
  3. Piazza developments
  4. Jacobs Wells Baths Story Telling
  5. Brandon Hill Tree Trail
  6. Clifton Green Squares and Secret Gardens
  7. Bristol Walk Fest
  8. Clifton Clifton Down and Hotwells & Harbourside Forum
  9. Bristol Music - Seven decades of sound
  10. Bristol Civic Society
  11. Foster Families needed
  12. Community Energy Project Funding
  13. St James Barton Roundabout – The Bear Pit
  14. Renewables news
  15. GDPR


1. Somali Cultural Evening.   Monday 14th May Holy Trinity Church 7.30pm. Please come along. Everyone is welcome. There will be an informal talk and presentation by Abdulkadir Ahmed Sheikhusein – Chair of the Bristol Somali Forum. We hope you will come and learn some more about the Somali Community here in Bristol. Drinks and snacks available and time for questions and discussion. To help us understand numbers interested please book through Eventbrite using this link: or by searching Somali cultural evening, or contacting 0117 929 1883

2. Harbour Plans meeting.  Some 80 people attended the meeting on 9th April. There remains high interest in plans for the Cumberland Basin – sometimes referred to as Western Harbour. The Stakeholder Group will be meeting for the first time on 21st May. We will be keeping you informed of the activities of this Group and of course of any developments in the thinking for the Basin. See for some of the latest information. If you have comments or concerns then please get in touch

3. Piazza developments. HCCA has submitted plans for the next stages of development at the Piazza to the Council – Planning and Highways departments. Unless we hear to the contrary we will be progressing delivery against those plans in the coming months. We will put full details on our website and send you all a link over the next couple of weeks. We also have new artworks happening including a mural which Amy Hutchings and Anna Haydock-Wilson are designing with children from Hotwells Primary After School Club (ELASC)

4. Jacobs Wells Baths Story Telling. Friday 4th May 6-8pm. All welcome. Bring a story for telling, a poem for reciting, a piece of music for playing, or just come and listen. More information from 07780654036

5. Spike Islands Open Studios. Private view Friday 4th May 6-9pm Exhibition Saturday 5-Monday 7th May 11am-5pm. Local artists showing wonderful works of all kinds and an opportunity to explore the building and all the spaces artists work. If you’ve never been before it’s a lot of fun and great food and drink provided by Spike Café and others.

6. Brandon Hill Tree Trail.   Wed 9th May Join the Friends of Brandon Hill tree experts for a guided walk round some of its 500 trees of over 100 different species. This is part of Bristol Walkfest and is organised to support the production of our tree trail leaflets. Wed 9 May 2018 10:00am – 12:00 Brandon Hill Park Entrance to Brandon Hill corner of Charlotte St and Charlotte St South. See for tickets or for details

7. Clifton Green Squares and Secret Gardens.  9th and 10th June.    For the fifth year some of the large communal gardens in the Clifton, Cliftonwood and Hotwells area of Bristol will be opening their gates for others to come and enjoy what often lies hidden behind the terraces and crescents.   Some are formal whilst others have wooded areas.   Also it is hoped that two large and elegant private gardens will open and the stately grounds of one University hall of residence.   Two public gardens, which were previously communal, will have talks about the history of the squares and other matters of interest.  This will be over the weekend of 9th and 10th June.    There has been lots of enthusiasm about this event in the past so we are spreading the word – and hope you will do too - in the hope that others will come and have enjoyment and fun. Please note that not all the gardens will be open all weekend. More information can be found at:

8. Bristol Walk Fest. For the Month of May! Bristol’s month-long walking festival, now in its sixth successful year, regularly attracts over 500 walkers from across the city and beyond. Why not join in. There is a huge range of delights, in fact something for everyone. More details at: Heather, one of our Committee members, will be leading a walk on May 20th 10-12 starting at the Grain Barge. More on that one at:

9. Clifton Clifton Down and Hotwells & Harbourside Forum.  A successful meeting on 30th April with about 40 people present. Main message is that any groups that want to try and obtain money for any project, which will now need to go through a process with 13 Councillors from 6 wards, need to start thinking about it now for a process that will likely take till autumn 2019. HCCA will be happy to try and provide advice. Next meeting of the Forum Monday 9th July 7pm Redland Library. More information can be found at

10. Bristol Music - Seven decades of sound. 19 May – 30 September 2018 M Shed   Using stories contributed by people from all over the city, this exhibition takes your memories of attending gigs, festivals and clubs, and charts the history of music in Bristol. Is there one definitive ‘Bristol sound’? Are the best days of Bristol music behind us? Where in the city is the heart of musical Bristol? If you like music this could be one for you. Find out more at:

11. Bristol Civic Society. BCS recently held a meeting to learn more about transport plans in the area. Details – and lots more – can be found at: bristolcivicsociety . org . uk There is a wealth of information here and you can also look at their comprehensive twice yearly magazine. If you are interested and not a member you might consider joining and having it delivered through your door!

12. Foster Families needed.  Foster Care Fortnight is running from 14 – 27 May to highlight the need nationally for more foster carers. In Bristol there are 700 children in care and the Council is in need of more loving families to offer them stability, safety and happiness. To find out more go to: or visit

Community Energy Project Funding.   Community groups are being invited to bid for grants of up to £10,000 from Bristol City Council to help fund their energy projects. The Bristol Community Energy Fund – see : has been providing funding to organisations since 2015 to give a boost to community projects that aim to reduce energy use and move towards cleaner and renewable energy sources. The deadline to apply for this round of funding is 21 May and projects can apply at: If there is anyone in the area with a plan please let us know.

St James Barton Roundabout – The Bear Pit. Love it or otherwise things are changing for the Bear Pit. We have come to learn that the Council has decided to take over running the Bear Pit. We do not know what prompted this decision. Apparently there will be opportunities for people to remain involved and to influence future strategy for the space, but there will no longer be a community group in charge of the space as this will now be led by the Council. Not quite sure what this says for community led initiatives in the city. If anyone has information please let us know. It could be useful in terms of our initiatives on the Piazza.

Renewables news. We are sure that many of you will have seen articles etc. about the rise of renewable energy and the success story of wind power development. Long way to go yet! If you want more information you may find this useful:

GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations. We feel sure that most of our readers will have come across this by now. We will be sending a specific communication on this subject in the near future and we hope very much that if you wish to keep in touch via the Bulletin that you will respond accordingly. The regulations require us to ensure that data we keep about anyone is relevant accurate and limited to purpose. HCCA has only ever collected email addresses of people with the purpose of being able to communicate information to members of our community or relevant persons/organisations who may wish to engage with our community. This almost exclusively is limited to the requirement to communicate with our 500 Club members, the wish to communicate our Bulletin to as many as possible in the community who want to sign up to that and the need to respond appropriately to those who send us emails. We will be reviewing our procedures in relation to data handling and will be producing an appropriate policy to guide our practice and this will go on our website in due course.

April 2018 Bulletin 30

Welcome to this month’s e-newsletter for HCCA sharing community news from Hotwells, Cliftonwood, Spike Island and wider Bristol. If you wish to contribute to our next bulletin, please send us a short paragraph and link/s where relevant by 30th April.

Visit our website for more!

In this issue:

  1. Painting at the Piazza
  2. Harbour Plans meeting
  3. Somali Cultural Evening
  4. Clifton and Harbourside Neighbourhood Forum
  5. Friends of Brandon Hill AGM
  6. Jacob’s Well Hub
  7. Jacob’s Well Baths
  8. Hotwells Polling Station
  9. Cliftonwood and Hotwells RPZ review consultation
  10. Create Centre Award
  11. City Centre Framework Consultation
  12. Sex Establishment Policy Review
  13. Exhibitions
  14. Having Landlord trouble?
  15. Teaching a city to cook!
  16. BOPF


1. Painting at the Piazza Luke and Paris have begun painting and come up with some innovative ways of turning tagging into beautiful street art. Come and join in today and tomorrow between 12-4pm

2. Harbour Plans meeting. Monday 9th April Holy Trinity Church 6 – 7.30pm. Come and hear about the Local Plan and its possible impact on the Cumberland Basin area. Meet members of the newly formed Stakeholder Group set up to help represent local interests relating to these plans Come and ask questions and discuss views with neighbours. All Welcom

3. Somali Cultural Evening. Monday 14th May Holy Trinity Church 7.30pm. Informal talk and presentation by Abdulkadir Ahmed Sheikhusein – Chair of the Bristol Somali Forum. We hope you will come and learn some more about the Somali Community in Bristol. Drinks and snacks questions and discussions. To help us understand numbers interested please book through Eventbrite using this link:, or contacting 0117 929 1883

4. Clifton and Harbourside Neighbourhood Forum. Next Forum at Clifton High School 7pm Monday 30th April. Our chance to learn more about how we can access City Council monies which are available to communities, meet with Neighbours, Councillors, Police, Bristol Waste and others to discuss issues. All welcome.

5. Friends of Brandon Hill AGM. Monday 23rd April 7.30pm Jacob’s Wells Baths Community room. Hear about progress on the Conservation Management Plan, volunteering and fundraising. Let them know what the next priorities should be for the hill. More information email

6. Jacob’s Well Hub. First our congratulations go to Sally Silverman, Chair of the Hub. Sally received an award through Bristol Women’s Voice “Wonderful Women award”. Sally and her team have done a fantastic job in getting this new community group up and running and doing great work in the area. Well done Sally and the Hub team. The Hub’s Washing in the Well project started with a walk for years 5 and 6 at St Georges Primary School, Brandon Hill, on 13th March, following the water course and relevant sites of wells, cold baths and springs in Jacobs Wells Road, ending at our warm baths and swimming pool. Memory days have followed. Watch out also for the writing project and general project launch on 21st July.  More information at:

7. Jacob’s Well Baths. Because of their level of commitments elsewhere, notably  with a number of other historic swimming pools including  Newcastle City Pool  which was due to reopen this  spring, Fusion have put back signing the long lease on Jacobs Wells Baths to October. The building remains open for bookings until September 2018 through Artspace Lifespace Jacobs Wells Community Hub remains active in the building, with Craft Hub’s project "Saving the Baths in Time", storytelling sessions plus activities connected to the Heritage Lottery Project, "Washing in the Well", now in full swing. More details on the website

8. Hotwells Polling Station. Councillor Mark Wright, having received a number of complaints about the location of the polling station for Hotwells, has been trying to find a suitable alternative polling station to the present one at CREATE centre. Any alternative venue must be within the ward boundary. If any readers have a good idea for a venue please contact Mark.

9. Cliftonwood and Hotwells RPZ review consultation. At last plans for revision to this scheme are published. Consultation period is till Tuesday 10th April. Details can be found at and look at Notice of Proposal or go to and look at the Outcomes Review.

10. Create Centre Award. Congratulations to the CREATE Centre on winning a Gold Award for Best Fair-trade Accommodation/Conference Centre at the Fair-trade Business Awards 2018

11. City Centre Framework Consultation. The Framework sets out aspirations for how people access and move around the City Centre.  It also covers new development and enhancing public spaces, with a focus on Bristol Shopping Quarter, Old City, Castle Park, North Redcliffe and the gateway into the city from the M32. Pop-up exhibitions to raise awareness of the consultation are planned: 11am to 2pm 11 April - St Nicholas Market foyer, Corn Street; 2pm to 5pm 23 April - Citizen Service Point, 100 Temple Street and 3.30pm to 6.30pm 3 May - Central Library foyer, Deanery Road. See more and give your views at

12. Sex Establishment Policy Review. It is over 12 years since local residents fought to close a massage parlour on Hotwell Road. There might be little to prevent another one popping up in one of our many empty “shop” premises! In 2011 Bristol City Council agreed a policy setting out how it would administer and regulate the licensing of sex establishments. In 2016 the Licensing Committee agreed to carry out a review of the policy and a working group comprising of Licensing Committee members and officers has been given the task of carrying out this piece of work. As part of this review they are looking to engage with the public and stakeholders initially using a questionnaire.  They will use this feedback to help develop their thinking in advance of preparing a draft policy for approval by the Licensing Committee for wider consultation later in the year. Consultation starts on 3rd April and runs to 31st May. You should find details at: You can then search for ‘Sex Establishment’ to find the questionnaire.

13. Exhibitions. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, till 24th June. Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences. See RWA, till 3rd June: Sawdust and Sequins, The Art of the Circus. See

14. Having Landlord trouble? Do you rent your home in Bristol through a private landlord and need help or advice? If you are concerned with your landlord's behaviour, feel you are being harassed, facing unlawful eviction or experiencing problems with disrepair or unsafe conditions in your home the Council may be able to help. The Council is trying to increase awareness that it may be able to help people who rent their home and who might be having problems with the property or landlord. There are new pages on their website where people can find out what the council can help with:

15. Teaching a city to cook! Bristol is set to get inspired about food as a new programme “Teaching a City to Cook” was launched last month alongside a competition to find the city’s Young Cook of the Year. The programme has been developed with the help of local professional chefs to educate and encourage Bristol’s young people to cook for themselves using fresh, seasonal food.  A digital support toolkit will be available for teachers and community groups to use, and will include videos from BBC’s Good Food website with recipes to enable students to practice their new skills.  Find out more here:

16. BOPF. This year the Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF) will be celebrating their 25th anniversary, however following a number of funding cuts, the future of the Forum is under threat. To celebrate BOPF’s milestone and help keep them running, Tony Wilson, a Trustee, and Zia Haque, a member, will be taking part in a 15,000 feet skydive, the highest it’s possible to do in the UK without additional oxygen. The dive will take place on Saturday April 14th at Sarum Airfield near Salisbury, with Tony and Zia hoping to raise at least £2,000, which would cover most of the costs of the next newsletter, which is currently mailed to over 3000 members, many of whom struggle with mobility issues and are not online. Tony and Zia can be sponsored by visiting:  For further information contact Tony Wilson:, tel: 07473 820220


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Bees, Butterflies and Play- adapting 1960s design to a 21st century city

boats pp
Watching the boats by Anna Wilson

Sylvia Crowe designed the Cumberland Piazza as part of a much bigger landscaped scheme covering all the Ashton and Hotwells flyover. She explored many ideas about play and leisure that were cutting edge in the 1960s. One of the ideas for the Piazza was that people could sit and watch the boats coming in and out of Bristol Harbour. there were so many things she couldn't have known about that have arisen as major concerns in the intervening years. Although we can still watch the boats come and go from our new pocket park, we often watch through a haze of speeding cars- who knew in the 1960s that traffic levels would quadruple within 50 years?

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