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Minutes of the Annual General Meetings

2019 AGM below or download here (Please note that the 2019 minutes are draft and are awaiting approval)

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Minutes of the Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association Annual General Meeting 2019

held at Holy Trinity Church, Hotwell Road, Hotwells

7.30pm Monday 11th November 2019


Some 63 people attended the meeting including 7 members of the Management Committee

Apologies were received from Brenda McLennan, James Smith, Gary Palmer & Sue Otty

Minutes of the meeting 12 November 2018 were proposed for adoption by Anna Wilson

and seconded by Dr Chris Ford.



Chairman’s Report. Dennis Gornall

Warm welcome was given to all and good to see so many present at the meeting. Dennis offered his thanks to the Committee members who have worked hard in supporting him throughout the year and achieved good things in the community. Special thanks was given to Brenda for her continued support as Treasurer (one of a number of roles she still carries out in Bristol while living now in Falmouth). Also special thanks given to Anna who does a huge amount of work associated with the Piazza, and not all fun but still very necessary. Thanks also recorded to those who manage the noticeboards, an important part of communicating with our community.

A number of subscribers to the ‘E’ Bulletin were lost due to Data Protection Act requirements but numbers have grown a little since. We want to enlarge the numbers and you can help us. So if any present, who are not in receipt of the Bulletin would like to subscribe, then we will be in contact telling you how to do so. Members were asked to encourage their neighbours and friends to subscribe via the website.

Dennis explained that whilst Neighbourhood Partnerships have now disappeared there is still a chance of getting funding through BCC - Area Committee One and this money is available for small community improvement projects. All were encouraged to bring ideas forward for projects that could enhance the neighbourhood. HCCA would assist in trying to progress projects through the new Area system.

During the year visits have been arranged to the Thomas Ware tannery, Underfall Yard and Puppet Place. Thanks to Chris Smart for arranging these visits and we hope to do more next year. Ideas would be welcomed.

In September a meeting was organised in conjunction with Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group at Trinity Church to discuss the Mayor’s so called engagement exercise for people to give their views on the alternative roadway systems around Western Harbour. This meeting was very well attended and assisted in producing a clear response from the community.

The committee has recently been enlarged by 3 people joining: Norma Innes, Caroline Grazebrook and Gary Palmer. Whilst this is very welcome Dennis explained that, in his opinion, there are still not enough people on the committee and urged anyone else interested in joining to please come forward.

Dennis concluded by stating we think we have had a successful year but always welcome feedback so please don't hold back in providing help, comment or criticisms. He encouraged people to please come and speak to us so we can continue to work for the benefit of as many as possible in the local community.


Activity Reports

Anna Wilson – The Piazza.

Anna handed out copies of her report and then talked through the points.

Since 2010 people have been asked for their ideas on the Piazza space and the main response has been for a greener environment  with a place for teenagers to play. However, we have had to work within the restrictions of the space. This financial year we received funding from Ray Smith’s legacy and have worked with his daughter, a landscape gardener, to bring in mobile planters along with some sociable bench planters, which has worked well.

There was a problem with Bristol Waste mistakenly spraying some plants with weedkiller but this should not be repeated. Watering remains a potential problem but this year we have managed to keep the planters watered without using a standpipe.

New artwork has been provided by Luke Palmer showing the Clifton Suspension Bridge and a giant scrabble word stencil was devised by Amy Hutchings & Anna based on positive words given by passers by using the space.

Our aspiration is to have a Friends of Piazza Group to help with the maintenance and develop future plans for the site. Always looking for more help to try and keep the area tidy starting off with some work to do over the winter and we would welcome both ideas and help. If you can contribute then please come and speak with Anna or contact HCCA.


Carol Lilwall – Cliftonwood Town Green.

Work started on this Community Garden, located at the junction of Ambra Vale East, Ambrose Road and Argyle Place, in the1980s. In 2009, through community effort, it was registered a Town Green, which means it remains an open space in perpetuity. Open to everyone to sit and enjoy this peaceful place where there is a Summer House, Wendy House and BBQ that residents can use. The garden acts as a Community Hub, and has been described as “a village hall without walls” and all are welcome to use.

Community events have continued throughout the year despite fencing across the garden since June 2018, a safety measure whilst the land behind the boundary wall was stabilised. Events have been well attended with an estimate of over 200 for the Halloween BBQ night.

A coffee morning is being arranged in aid of the garden on 30 Nov at 10.30 -1.00pm to be held at 50 Ambra Vale East all welcome.


Richard Hancock – Local Transition Group.

As in previous years the Transition Group has been supporting the move to a more sustainable way of life. Main activities have been in lobbying people to live a more sustainable life. There is  strong support at citizen level but the politicians appear to be dragging their feet.

The group participated in the very successful rally on College Green this year.

A flier was handed out providing people with ideas on actions they can take. Those interested were invited to sign up if they want to hear more about the group’s activities by contacting .


Dennis Gornall – Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group (CBSG)

A summary sheet was handed out. Dennis explained that CBSG successfully managed to get the boundary line, enclosing the ‘Western Harbour’ site, changed so it no longer included the Avonquay Island. This has been a great help to the Sea Cadets and others now able to get long term leases from BCC.

“Western Harbour” is likely a long term project and the CBSG are trying to work with it in a positive and cooperative manner.

Anxious that we do as good a job as possible to communicate with the local community via the ‘E’ Bulletin and website but we will also try and use the app ‘Next Door’.


Bill Venables – Hotwells and Cliftonwood Clean Air Community Group (HCCACG)

This group arose out of meeting in 2018 and purpose is to give a local voice to residents about how to tackle air pollution in the city and in particular in Hotwells and Cliftonwood.

Air quality is poor on certain roads in our area and exceeds  the legal maximum. People will be affected if they live within 50m of a main road and will store up problems for their future health. The problem is mainly result of an increase in traffic. The popularity of diesel cars has exacerbated the problem. An increase in the burning of wood has added to the problem.

What can we do?

  • Lobby Council for change.
  • Monitor air quality. HCCACG has carried out 60 x Nitrogen Oxide NO2 tests around streets.
  • Walk to work/school and find ways to avoid walking along main roads.
  • If you are going to burn wood or fossil fuels then there are ways to do it better
  • Encourage people to make their own personal choices in how to reduce creating pollutants

HCCACG is a small group. So others welcome to join and get actively involved. Bill can be contacted by email


John Bradfield - Southwest in Bloom

John read out the following report - The Cumberland Piazza and the Hotwells Waterfront Gardens (Rownham Mead and Poole's Wharf Court) were entered as two projects in the RHS Southwest in Bloom ‘It's Your Neighbourhood’ competition. RHS assessor Megan Thurgur wrote: "It was an absolute privilege to see communities working together and producing such wonderful results which are clearly enjoyed immensely by residents of Bristol and visitors alike. Had a lovely time and enjoyed meeting super people and seeing absolutely inspirational places and projects”. We were awarded "Thriving" (next to highest) and "Outstanding" (highest).


Treasurer’s Report (written by Brenda McLennan & delivered by Caroline Grazebrook)

For the Year ended 31st March 2019.

Income: £27,613 Expenditure £8,896. Net income £18,717.  Total funds at 31st March 2019 £37k, up from £18k at 31st March, 2018.  This is held in cash mostly on deposit. At the end of March, we had £18,044k in unrestricted cash.

Unrestricted income included: £1,578 net from the 500 Club, after monthly prizes were paid, and  £165 from notice board advertising

We made a donation to the Friends of the Avon Cut of £500 and our overheads for the year were £1,621.  This included insurance of £387, website maintenance of £212 and £840 on admin support.

Restricted and designated funds activity included:

  • Piazza project - we received £24,815 from Ray Smith’s legacy. Last year we started with a deficit, as we had spent in anticipation, and this year we have spent £6,567 on the project. This now leaves a balance of £13,829 for ongoing projects and maintenance.
  • At 31 March 2019 we were holding £853 for the Argyle Place playground fund. During the year this group had another successful open air cinema screening. 
  • We were holding £688 for the Ambra Vale gardening group who also had a massively successful year with their community gardening projects.
  • We were also still holding £593 from the now defunct CHASE sub-group, and £975 from the Neighbourhood Partnerships.

There have been no events after the year end to date that have an impact on the results to 31st March 2019.

Dennis committed to ensure that the CHASE monies would be appropriately assigned this coming year. Dennis explained that the £975 is held on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forums. Dennis also explained that the very last of the money from the Neighbourhood Partnership, approved some 6 years ago, had been received this year following submission of receipts for expenditures on the Piazza.

Proposal that the accounts be accepted was made by John Bradfield and seconded by Anna Wilson.


Election of the Management Committee:

The following persons offered themselves for nomination to the Committee: Dennis Gornall,      Caroline Grazebrook, Norma Innes, Carol Lilwall, Brenda McLennan, Gary Palmer, Christine Smart, James Smith, Carol Walton and Heather Watts

Proposed they be elected by Colin Knowles  and seconded by Alastair Sawday


This ended the formal business of the meeting



Much interest raised about Western Harbour

Forthcoming Labour Party Meeting about the future of Cumberland Basin (Western Harbour)

Dennis reported that the meeting arranged by the Labour Party for Nov 13th to which the Mayor was invited to speak and answer questions about Western Harbour has been postponed because of the General Election. Any questions about this should be addressed to the local Labour Party

Agreed that efforts should be made to inform about the cancellation. Anna agreed to prepare special bulletin. Notices on boards would be adjusted to indicate cancellation.

Someone ask what the delay meant and does it make any difference to local residents being able to voice their opinion. It was thought not.

Dennis reported that the Cabinet meeting on 5th Nov. approved the formation of the ‘Western Harbour Advisory Group’ and he has been invited to join that group as chair of HCCA and Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group. There is also to be a reference group of local businesses and community groups and other interested parties, but there is no further information about this at this stage.

This is the link for the full Arup Report, as promised, which contains all of the options and a full discussion (162 pages).



 Film presented by Gordon Young, a local award winning film maker

Gordon showed us a 45 mins film entitled Bristol, from about A to Z which was both entertaining and informative covering a range of historical subjects.