AGM information


Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association

2020 Annual General Meeting

Monday 9th November 7.30pm

Meeting held by Zoom (Zoom opens 7.20pm)


Business meeting followed by short open session as per the Agenda below.

If you haven’t received a Zoom link to the meeting from other communications please email us at Early registration is appreciated. Last date to register is 6th November.

Meeting details and links to the documents are set out below.


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Approve Minutes of last AGM 11th Nov. 2019

3. Reports:

Chairman’s Report: Dennis Gornall

Activity reports:

Anna Wilson:

The Piazza

Carol Lilwall:

Cliftonwood Town Green

Richard Hancock:

Transition Group

Anna Wilson:

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Dennis Gornall:

Cumberland Basin Stakeholder Group

Brenda McLennan:

Treasurer’s report

Approval of accounts (to be found on p.8 onwards in the Annual Report)


4. Election of Management Committee and close of formal AGM.

5. Open session. A chance for you to raise issues, ask questions, make suggestions.


N.B. Please read the meeting protocols below. This will help us manage the meeting and, we hope, help you to have a more satisfactory meeting.     Thank you

Meeting Protocols.

  • We encourage all participants to email as soon as you can to record your attendance at the AGM. This will allow us to send draft minutes and any information re matters from the open session.
  • Please do not record the meeting. HCCA will not be.
  • To eliminate background noise people will be muted by the moderator and unmuted when wanting to speak
  • We would ask people to have their video on if you are comfortable with that. It will be nice to be able to see people. However, we understand if you do not want to do that.
  • Please don’t take screen shots to respect people’s privacy.
  • Caroline will be taking the minutes during the meeting and may need to check details re proposers and seconders to ensure we get that right.
  • Please stay to the end of the meeting so that you can hear all the business and we hope contribute to the open session at the end.
  • If you would like to raise something during the meeting please “Raise your Hand”. To do this in Zoom, click on the icon labelled “participants” at the bottom of your screen. Then click the button labelled “Raise Hand” probably at the bottom of the window right side of the screen. Click Raise Hand if you want to say something in the meeting. Your digital hand is now raised. Lower it by clicking the same button, now labelled “Lower Hand”.
  • If you would like to put on record a comment or suggestion, then please use the chat facility. Click Chat in the meetings control bar. The chat window will open on the right. Type a message into the chat box or click on the drop down next to “To” if you want to message a specific person. When new chat messages are sent, a preview of the message will appear and the Chat button will flash orange. Click the button to view the chat window. Someone will be monitoring the “chat” as we go through the evening.

Please note we will not be able to spend time instructing anyone in the use of zoom during the course of the meeting. We hope the notes above are of help.


Minutes of previous Annual General Meetings

2019 AGM (Please note that the 2019 minutes are draft and are awaiting approval)

2018 AGM

2017 AGM

2016 AGM