AGM information

Our next Annual General Meeting 

will be held at Holy Trinity Church, Hotwell Road, Hotwells

7.15pm Monday 12 November 2018  

Refreshments served and all welcome!

We will do all the usual AGM business with reports on local projects and then have a fascination presentation with a Q & A seesion (subject yet to be decided)

Please see the unapproved minutes below for our 2017 AGM or download here

Some 32 people attended the meeting including 6 members of the Management Committee

Apologies were received from: Brenda McLennan, James Smith, Sue Otty, Fraser Bridgeford, Ben Barker, Kean Lamb, John Hirst and Jack Penrose.

Minutes of the meeting 17 November 2016 (see below) were proposed for adoption by Mike Timmins and seconded by Kathryn Martin

Chairman’s Report. Welcome was given to all and in particular to Simon Birch from the Civic Society.

Dennis recorded his thanks and that of the community to a number of people. First, those who had come to speak of their contributions to events in the last year, as below. Second to the Panto committee for their generous support to events in the community not least the tree on the Piazza which commemorates Ray Smith’s contribution to this space. Third to offer thanks to both Ray’s daughters, to Anna for the excellent interpretation panels now on the Piazza and to Zoe for her continued work towards greening the site. Next Dennis offered thanks to the whole committee for their support and hard work during the year. Particular thanks were expressed to Anna for all her work for HCCA which happens in multifarious ways, Bulletins, website, Piazza, Portway Park and more. Particular thanks were also given to Brenda for looking after our accounts form a distance and for keeping HCCA on the straight and narrow as far as good governance is concerned. Lastly but by no means least in this part of the report Dennis offered thanks on behalf of all to Bob Walton for the enormous amount of work that he has put in to try and secure Avonquay House for the benefit of the community. All members of the steering group deserve our thanks as they have all worked hard for this, but without Bob’s leadership it would not have happened at all.

Congratulations again go to residents of Rownham Mead, and in particular to John Bradfield, to the Cliftonwood Town Green and to the Piazza for winning different prizes of varying status at the recent Bristol in Bloom awards. Also very pleasing in the last year is to see that our involvement with the Neighbourhood Partnership has resulted in some 29 new trees in the area. Also with money from the Neighbourhood Partnership the Lion play park has undergone a significant upgrade. Our thanks to Emma Peddie for steering this one through with the help of others in the local community.

This year we recorded a first – holding a hustings for the Metro Mayor – a successful evening with 5 candidates present. Sadly the Chairman reported having to disappoint a number of people as there just was not the time, or the energy, to attempt to get a hustings together for the general election which followed on so quickly.

Dennis recollected that at an AGM some 6 years ago a member of HCCA had encouraged the committee to engage fully with the Neighbourhood Partnership – at that stage in its infancy. Dennis was pleased to report that with the money for the Lion play park included the HCCA had assisted in securing well over £100,000 for various projects in the area. We intend to stay closely linked with whatever might follow on from the Partnerships. Dennis reported the continuation of the monthly bulletin and asked all present to assist in helping to enlarge the circulation of the bulletin by talking to friends and neighbours.

In the last year we have lost one committee member, Kerry Burton, who moved away to live in Exeter. Dennis then pointed out that Mike Timmin’s name does not appear on the list of nominations for next year. Dennis then paid tribute to Mike’s huge contribution to the community from the mid 1970s onwards. First as part of and then for many years chairman of the Hope Centre Management Committee and, on the loss of Hope Centre as a member of the HCCA committee. 40 years of service which rightly deserved a strong round of applause. Thank you Mike.

Dennis then turned briefly to the future. Despite the Avonquay setback there are brighter signs as in a good future for Jacobs Well Baths. However, the committee is small in number and simply cannot do all the things that it would like to do and we believe would benefit the community. The committee is embarking on a recruitment campaign, the start of which had been circulated in the form of a leaflet which will shortly be delivered to every house in the area. We need everyone’s help in finding people who would be willing to offer some time and skills into what we do. Dennis urged all to assist with this as a failure to recruit new members will put the Community Association in a very difficult position for the future.

Short Reports

Anna Wilson. Anna reported on the Piazza. More greenery, bushes planted around the play area and the beginnings of greening other areas. More artwork on the walls and more people using the space. Working towards better relations with the Council and with Bristol Waste to keep the area clean and tidy and looking to make more of the space green and extend the tarmaced surface to allow more skate space.

Bob Walton. Reported on Avonquay House, which was offered to a private, community interest company. All involved have felt that the City Council have dealt shabbily with HCCA in first agreeing to take the property off the market “specifically” to allow HCCA to develop a sound business plan for its future use as a community centre. This was done to time and a few months later it was discovered others had been invited to bid without our knowledge. A complaint has been lodged and unsatisfactory response given by BCC who have failed to respond to the most recent correspondence. Bob thanked the many hundreds of people who had attended open days and helped give their support. It is with regret that the steering group have decided there is no more that can constructively be done to secure Avonquay House at least at this time.

Heather Watts. Circulated a summary of activities sponsored by Jacobs Well Hub. Craft club, chess club and Tai Chi classes. She and Jerome Thomas also explained the position of Jacobs Well Baths, which is that the recommendation to accept Fusion Lifestyle’s bid to regenerate the baths awaits final approval by the City wwhich is expected at the beginning of December.

Richard Hancock. The group continues to meet regularly in the Lion pub in Cliftonwood and support activities which promote the Transition to a more sustainable way of life. These have included; support for Bristol’s clean air initiatives, supporting the “Switch the stick” campaign by City to Sea and the campaign to ban microbeads and protesting against fracking and investing in fossil fuels.

Bob Smyth. Bob reported on the most successful yet of Portway Sunday Park days. On 17th September some 7,500 people made use of the peaceful Portway, coming on bikes, scooters, foot and horseback. The involvement of Bristol Rotary had helped to bring in new attractions and it is hoped Rotary will have a significant part to play in future.

Colin Knowles. Reported for the Harbourheads group, which is made up of residents of Avon Crescent, Ashton Avenue and Nova Scotia Place. The group covers some 40 properties and has had an attendance of some 25 people at meetings which demonstrates the cohesion of the community and the level of concerns in the area, particularly around the metro bus developments. There are two focusses of involvement at present: the illegal activities of the Council in relation to planning consent around metrobus operations and developing a good working relationship with the Trustees of the Underfall Yard.

Carol Lilwall. After last year’s awards the Town Green was invited to participate in the United Kingdom finals for RHS Britain in Bloom, representing Community for Clifton Village, which proceeded to receive a Silver guilt award, with the Town Green receiving special mention
and an RHS Outstanding Award. From Bristol in Bloom there was a Gold Award for Ambra Vale East, Your Street category, and a Large Gold Award and Category Winner in Community Participation. A string of awards for which the community should feel justly proud.

Treasurer’s Report. (written by Brenda McLennan and delivered by Dennis Gornall)

Incoming resources for the year to 31st March 2017 totalled £33,836 with expenditure of £35,807. So our net expenditure for the year was £1,971. Total funds held in cash at 31st March 2017 were £26k, down from £28k at 31st March, 2016. At the end of March, we had £22k in unrestricted cash. Unrestricted income included:

  • £1,300 net from the 500 Club, after monthly prizes were paid
  • A £350 donation from the Cliftonwood Neighbourhood Watch Scheme on its closure
  • £390 from notice board and newsletter advertising

We spent £252 on maintaining the noticeboards, and £629 on newsletter printing. Our overheads for the year were £1,033 including insurance of £370 and website rebuild of £417.

Restricted activity included:

  • Peaceful Portway - We received £2,256 from Neighbourhood Partnerships and donations of £1,352 including the Hotwells Pantomime, Just Giving and Gift Aid, and were holding £314 as at 31 March 2017.
  • We received £15k from Bristol City Council for the Pocket Park and £2,490 MUGA funding for the Piazza project. We were holding £175 of these funds at year end.
  • At 31 March 2017 we were holding £820 for the Argyle Place playground fund. During the year this group had another successful open air cinema screening.
  • We are also holding £2,420 for the Ambra Vale gardening group who also had a massively successful year with their community gardening projects.
  • We are still holding £593 from the now defunct CHASE sub-group. Request was made for ideas as to how this money should be spent. Otherwise, we are considering donating this to Transport for Greater Bristol to help them with their work on Bristol’s traffic problems.

Proposal that the accounts be accepted was made by Anna Wilson and seconded by John Bradfield

Election of the Management Committee:

The following persons offered themselves for nomination to the Committee: Dennis Gornall, Carol Lilwall, Brenda McLennan, Christine Smart, James Smith, Carol Walton, Heather Watts and Anna Wilson.

Proposed they be elected by Colin Knowles and seconded by Kathryn Martin and passed nem. con.

This ended the formal business of the meeting

Simon Birch, Chairman of Bristol Civic Society, gave an informative presentation. This included a very brief history of the Society which has been in operation since 1905. Civic Society members want to add to the beauty, character and diversity of the city, to revitalise areas and improve the quality of life for all across the city. “We do what we do because we care about the city we live in. We campaign in order to influence how Bristol develops”.

Simon then focused on the Society’s efforts to save St Michael’s on the Mount Without, badly damaged by fire last year. Outline plans have been drawn up and the Society is in discussions with the Diocese. He then turned to the future for Ashton Court. Most people did not know the extent of disrepair that exists within the walls of this building – well over a hundred unusable rooms. The Society’s main efforts have been focused on trying to get a detailed scoping report, which was abandoned a few years ago completed and to engage some of the principle players in discussing the future at a meeting to be held later in November. The future of this building is too important to be left just to Bristol City Council because as people in the know within the Council will say “it is just at the bottom of the priority pile”.

Simon distributed the Society magazine and invited people who had a concern for the city to join and get involved.

The Chairman gave a vote of thanks to Simon

Open Session.

Question was asked about 20mph limits on Hotwell Road. Dennis explained that the Committee was very aware that this issue was not resolved, and also that of the speed limit on the Portway which was the subject of a petition to the Council. He would be pursuing the relevant officers of the Council for answers and hopefully have some positive news to put in the bulletin soon.

Question was asked as to what we knew of the plans for Cumberland Basin, as referred to in the Mayor’s recent speech. Dennis pointed out that reference had been made to this in the latest bulletin and that it was planned to follow up with Councillors, obviously not for consultation at this stage but more for a commitment to involvement in the process, if indeed it comes to anything.

Dennis announced details relating to the Panto for 2018 as follows: Read through 2nd Jan 7.30 Holy Trinity, Ist rehearsal 3rd Jan 8pm venue tbc., rehearsals then Tuesdays 8pm. Two dress rehearsals: Sundays 1pm 18th and 25th Feb at Hope Chapel, Performances Wednesday - Saturday 28th Feb, & 1-3 March 7.30 at Hope Chapel.

There being no further business the meeting closed a little after 9.30



Minutes for 2016 AGM

35 people attended the meeting including 5 members of the Management Committee

Apologies were received from: Brenda McLennan, Carol Lilwall, Christine Smart, Sue Otty, Lorna Allsop, Sarah Mitchell, Kirstie Buckland, Kerry Burton and Richard Walker

Minutes of the meeting 17 November 2015 were proposed for adoption by Mike Timmins and seconded by John Bradfield.

Chairman’s Report. Welcome was given to Matt Jones, the new Neighbourhood Officer for the Partnership.

Dennis started his report by paying tribute to Ray Smith and asked all to consider and let HCCA have ideas for a fitting memorial, as requested in the newsletter. When these are received discussions will take place with the family to decide what we do.

Three new members have been welcomed to the Committee in the year. Kerry Burton, Christine Smart and Heather Watts. Sadly we lost Rachel McNally who was appointed chair of a national puppetry organization in the year and could no longer give of her time. Our thanks go to her for the work she did for us. James and Brenda will be moving away from Bristol but carrying on supporting us from a distance. An urgent appeal was made for all to consider if they know, or know anyone who might know, of a good accountant who can take on that role for HCCA.

Thanks to Amy Hutchings and all her helpers for the excellent mural in the play park in Charles Place and to the Panto Committee for the money to provide this. Money (£55,000) has been secured for improvements in the Lion playpark.

Hustings meetings took place in April for local elections. HCCA will endeavor to provide such meetings for any elections in the future.

Thank you to Henry Ackland for help putting up replacement noticeboards. Those present were asked to consider if there are other places in our area where boards should go. Hopefully all present are recipients of our monthly bulletin. Please spread the word about it so we can increase circulation. Thanks to Anna for all the hard work she has put in to enable the recent newsletter to be published and distributed.

Congratulations were offered to all those who had received awards from Bristol in Bloom and the RHS – and there were quite a few in our area. Special mention was made of the award of the Gordon Ford Trophy to the Cliftonwood Town Green as the best Community Garden in the South West. HCCA would like to assist in spreading brightness and colour and community activity in our area, so if you have ideas get in touch.

The Committee met 5 times in the year and held an open meeting on the Piazza and then in the Rose of Denmark to consult on plans for the Piazza. Our thanks go to Anna for the huge amount of work she has done there and for her contribution in getting so many more helpers to do even more.

Thank you to Brenda for looking after our accounts and all its subsets so carefully and to everyone else on the committee for their help and support. “We need you and I hope we can find more like you”. 

Treasurer’s Report. (written by Brenda McLennan and delivered by James Smith)

Incoming resources the year to 31st March, 2016 totalled £17,024 with expenditure of £21,908. Net expenditure for the year was £4,866. Total funds at 31st March 2016 were £28k, down from 33k at 31st March, 2015.  This is held in cash. At the end of March, we had £25k in unrestricted cash.

Income included:

  • £1,600 net from the 500 Club, after monthly prizes were paid
  • £315 from notice board advertising

We spent £338 on maintaining the noticeboards, and our overheads for the year were £581 including insurance and subscriptions.

We received £318 from the pantomime for projects, and nearly £14k from Bristol City Council to help with the Piazza, Pocket Park and Community Garden Projects.

At 31 March 2015, we had accrued income of £1k due from Bristol City Council for the Piazza and Pocket Park projects.

We are currently holding £621 for the Argyle Place playground fund.  During the year this group had another successful open air cinema screening.

We are also holding £2,429 for the Ambra Vale gardening group who also had a massively successful year with their community gardening projects.

There have been no events after the year end to date that have an impact on these results.

Proposal that the accounts be accepted was made by Bob Walton and seconded by Anna Wilson. 

Short Reports

Anna Wilson gave a short illustrated presentation on activities to date on the Piazza. Planting of trees, creation and planting of planters, painting of pillars, creating a skate spot, building a water collection system and creating the pocket park. Much more had happened in the way of consultation, building links with UWE students and just allowing kids to play and use the space. Anna outlined the HCCA plans for the immediate future.

Bob Walton explained that he and others had persuaded the Council to take Avon Quay  House off the market and give the community a chance to make the case for this to be a community facility. A very exciting prospect. Two open days had attracted some 400 people many of whom had experienced events that exampled what might be achieved by such a facility. An interim report had been submitted to BCC as required and had received positive feedback. A grant had been approved by the Neighbourhood Partnership that is allowing a proper feasibility study. A business plan must go to BCC in the new year. The group working on this has grown and co-ordination with and co-operation from HCCA has been very valuable.

Richard Hancock gave a brief overview of the local Transition group. As in previous years they had been supporting the move to a more sustainable way of life. It's got to come, and it is coming. The only question is how fast things can be pushed along. Examples were given of progress at the local, national and international level, including sustainable energy provision, cleaner air and keeping plastic out of the food chains in the oceans. 

Bob Smyth reported on Peaceful Portway. 7 events have been held over 2 years by extending existing road closures in place for sporting events on Sundays. A count has recorded 20,000 individual trips during these closures. 2017 has only a single day planned due to concerns over access to Ashton Gate stadium due to a clash of events. Contact has been established with Sea Mills residents who do not benefit from an active community organization. The event requires about £2,000 to run and Bob recorded his thanks to Hotwells Panto committee for riding in as the White Knight to fund the last event, to HCCA for their support and to Anna Wilson for contribution to many aspects of the Peaceful Portway events.

Heather Watts outlined the activities of the Jacob’s Well Hub. Campaigning for community access to the Pavilion harbourside building (use it or lose it). This is owned by BCC and now offers the space to community groups at a reasonable fee. Support for the Jacob’s Well Baths which had been the dance centre but is now on a short lease to Artspace. Thanks to Neighbourhood funding for start up and noticeboards and to Bristol Ageing Better for funding to support Tai Chi classes and a craft hub.

Election of the Management Committee:

The following persons offered themselves for nomination to the Committee: Kerry Burton, Dennis Gornall, Carol Lilwall, Brenda McLennan, Christine Smart, James Smith, Mike Timmins Carol Walton, Heather Watts and Anna Wilson.

Proposed they be elected by Bob Smyth and seconded by Anthea Bruges and passed nem. con. 

John Bradfield proposed a vote of thanks to Dennis for his work as Chairman

This ended the formal business of the meeting

Barbara Janke gave a brief talk on the House of Lords and her experience and contribution over the last two years. She amused the meeting with illustrations about some of the formalities and peculiarities of the Lords, including the fact that for the Queen’s speech, for instance, partners who wished to attend could wear tiaras!

On a more serious note she assured those present that a lot of very good work is done in committees, there are many very respected reports produced and of course there is the detailed work on legislation proposed by the Commons. Barbara explained how she tries to be involved with matters that might affect Bristol particularly, issues around the aero- space industry for instance and devolution to regions but also on matters which she had a close link with while on the Council in Bristol.

Barbara dispelled the notion that the position was paid well in explaining that the per diem of £300 had to cover absolutely everything.

Questions and discussion followed before the Chairman gave a vote of thanks to Barbara.

 There being no further business the meeting closed a little after 9.30