What's happening in 2023?

What has been happening at the Cumberland Piazza this year so far? Well, we've largely been letting the plants do their thing, and thanks to all the summer rain, we're delighted to say that they're flourishing! With the blooms come the bees and butterflies, and the spread of pollen across this urban nature corridor. It's now time for a bit of a tidy up at the piazza and members of the H&CCA management committee will be on site for community gardening, chats and cake on Wednesday 23rd August 3-6pm- we'd love you to join us!

These corridors are so important for increasing urban biodiversity, and Bristol has some other great examples, such as Emerson Green. To find out more about wildlife in our city, visit the Bristol Wildlife Groups website and follow the links to BS3 to sign up to receive BS3 Wildlife News. The Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association supports the Art under the Flyover project, and this coming year, we hope to develop a Community Climate Action Plan using guidelines from Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

What else has been happening in 2023? Sadly a fire destroyed our 'welcome' mural, which we will repair this Autumn, but happily Luke Palmer gave us even more love and Andy Council and other famous Bristol mural artists have added to our open air gallery. Many trees have been flourishing and others have given up or been stolen. All contributions of outdoor plants are welcome- did you know that many of the planters contain 'rescue' plants and donated plants?

We would like to thank Bristol Waste for helping us to manage the rubbish at the piazza and responding so quickly to tidying up after the fire.

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer at the piazza, help develop a community climate action plan or have ideas for artworks and gardening [email protected].

To find out more about H&CCA's regeneration of the Cumberland Piazza, please visit Art under the Flyover project.