Sedum Beds and re-use Rockeries

The piazza has some new green areas which we hope you are enjoying.

In partnership with Alex Patience at Live Graft we have removed the cracked tiles from areas around the trees and re-used all the materials to create a rockery bed under the big Catalpa and another along the railings of the former playpark.

Although we've not been able to afford to do the major landscaping work proposed in 2013 we are incrementally and sustainably achieving a greener space and we're very proud of our zero waste re-use approach. Special thanks to Ray Smith for his legacy to the Cumberland Piazza and to Zoe Smith for excellent landscape advice. 

Would you like to get involved?

Join us on September 29th, 11-2pm for our next community gardening day! We will be clearing unsightly weeds, sweeping up leaves and painting out tagging, making it all beautiful for the West Bristol Art Trail on 13/14th October 2018.

If you brought too many shells or stones back from the beach this summer or you have broken crockery you can't bear to throw away, feel free to add to our railings rockery.

We've also created a fern garden around the trees adjacent to Cumberland Basin Road and moved the big pallet planters there. This will give more space to the children to play and the trial bikers who come from as far as Oxfordshire to use the concrete blocks

The taggers seem to have left the site alone since we added these wonderful women of Hotwells & Cliftonwood. We work hard to paint in creative ways to minimise unimaginative tagging and graffiti. If you are a local artist and want to get involved, do contact us [email protected]