Argyle Place Play Park Improvements

We’re really pleased that the work has started to renovate the Argyle Place Park.  They’re starting with improvements to the stepped seating area, removing the rotting wooden steps and replacing them with brick which will last much longer.  The flowerbed also being reduced in size and the fencing will be replaced.  There will be more benches and seating in the top corner.


The old see-saw and spinning bowl will be replaced by a small swing.  New surfacing will be laid under all new play equipment to meet the new safety standards. Repairs will be made to other parts of the park where there was slight subsidence.

The Council’s budget for this project has been very tight so they’re unable to spend anything on renovations to the kick about area. Once this make-over is finished we’ll have to look at a new fund raising effort for rotivating, new soil and reseeding this area.

See the latest design here and click on this link to zoom in.  The new bars will be moving further to the left towards the house wall to open up more space in the middle of the park. 




The Consultation

We’d like your thoughts on the Council’s plans for improvements to the Argyle Place playground next to The Lion pub.

Click here to see a detailed version of their plan and drawings give feedback by completing this short survey



Last year, the Neighbourhood Partnership agreed to fund this park’s makeover from money set aside from development specifically for improving local open spaces. The HCCA gave the Parks Department a ‘wish-list’ for new play equipment, seating and surfacing. Work was also done to cut back the trees, which makes playing on the ‘fort’ safer for children and brings more light into the park.

Unfortunately, we’re struggling to get an affordable design.  We need to include important things that make the park safer - stabilising underground voids, replacing rotten and broken play equipment and fencing – while also giving children a fun place to play.  We also know that it’s important that children can play out all year round, so there will be new all weather ‘Tiger Mulch’ surfacing under all the play equipment.   We can’t afford an artificial surface for the football area so the Council’s proposal is to improve and raise the soil levels to reduce the trip hazards of prominent tree roots and reseed with grass. 

Tell us what you think:

Before we agree a final plan, we’d like to hear what you think of the Council’s proposals. At the moment we can’t afford everything they’ve suggested, so please tell us what you like about the plan: 

  • Do you like the swing? 
  • Are you happy with the seating? 
  • Are the parallel bars essential and what style do you prefer (see pics here)?  
  • And what about the footballing area – is a makeover essential there? 
  • We also need a decision on the colour of the Tiger Mulch so click here to look at the options and tell us which one you like.
  • Do you think that all the fencing needs replacing?

We have two weeks to make a final decision because the Council need to do final costings and order up the equipment to have it installed for the summer.  So, please let us know your preferences. Click here to see the plans in detail and send us your comments.

Summary of Proposals:

  • The see-saw and spinning bowl will be replaced with a basket swing
  • The parallel bars will be replaced with a similar new structure
  • ‘Jungle-mulch’ safety surface will be installed under all play equipment
  • The wooden terraced steps will be re-built in concrete as both seating and a play feature.
  • Benches will be relocated along the top fence with a low wall for more seating.
  • Fences along Argyle Place will be replaced and half the flowerbed removed, improving visibility and reducing maintenance.
  • The ‘fort’ climbing frame will remain unchanged


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  • Janet D. Palma d
    commented 2017-04-27 05:07:54 +0100
    The improvement of parks in the cities is very much needed ones which helps us to have some greenery in this concrete jungle. There are many articles published in blog which says us about the importance of parks. Parks helps us to have nice greenery within the city which is very good thing for the people of the city.
  • Evie Brayley
    commented 2017-03-04 18:53:41 +0000
    I like the basket. Could there be monkey bars? From Evie Brayley aged 7