A bridge too far at Rownham Mead?

A fractious meeting attended by over 80 local residents on September 29th at Holy Trinity church discussed City Council proposals to improve the harbourside path by the Pump House.

The plan to bridge part of the inlet by the ferry stop to create a 5 metre wide path was criticised by several contributors for encouraging cyclists to go faster and increase the risk of collision with pedestrians. John Richfield, the project manager for the project, funded through a central government 'Cycling Ambition' fund, took the view that any widening of the path would offer greater safety and comfort for all path users. Cyclists at the meeting expressed the view that the cyclists who rode too fast and recklessly were in a minority and accidents were rare.

Whatever the outcome of the planning application for the work, which will be opened for public consultation soon, the final decision lies with the Management Company for the Rownham Mead Estate which owns a critical part of the land (and water) affected.


Piazza planters will soon be ready

Working in partnership with the Bristol Wood Recycling Project (BWRP) we have arrived at a design for a number of wooden containers to replace the temporary sacks on Cumberland
BWRP have located a source of secondhand scaffold planks, 1.2m in length and will assemble these into 7 large, sturdy containers of various shapes and sizes. These will enable us to plant larger shrubs as well as annuals, to reduce maintenance and increase the impact of the planting in this large concrete space. Three of the planters will incorporate benches to meet the need for more seats on the Piazza.
Hopefully, the new planters will be assembled on site before the end of the year, in time for planting up next Spring.
This work has been made possible through funds allocated by Clifton & Cabot Neighbourhood Partnership.