Labour Party honours Cllr Dorothy Higginbottom

One of Barnsley East's councillors has been recognised by the Labour Party for 50 years service to the party and to her local community. Councillor Dorothy Higginbottom, Labour councillor for the North East Ward, was given the Labour Party Merit Award for Outstanding Service at an event at Barnsley Town Hall. Commenting, Michael said:FullSizeRender.jpg "This award is the very least we could do to recognise the extraordinary contribution of someone who has given five decades of public service to the people of Barnsley. Dorothy Higginbottom is a great community champion and a tireless local campaigner who always brings kindness, compassion and common sense to everything she does. We owe Dorothy a huge debt of gratitude." Michael and Dan Jarvis were hosting an event at the town hall, where Rachel Reeves MP was talking about her book, Alice in Westminster, which celebrates the life of Alice Bacon, Yorkshire's first female MP. Councillor Sharon Howard chaired the event, where members were given an opportunity to ask Rachel questions about the book and Alice's life.