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Bulletin 21 June 2017

So, our Bulletin comes of age! We are hoping our readers find it useful. We would welcome comments/suggestions if you think content or style could be improved. Don’t forget you can contribute too, so if you have any news or information that you think would be helpful to people in our community please get in touch.

Welcome to this month’s e-newsletter for HCCA sharing community news from Hotwells, Cliftonwood, Spike Island and wider Bristol. If you wish to contribute to our next bulletin, please send us a short paragraph and link/s where relevant by 31st July.  Visit our website for more!

In this issue:

  1. Avonquay House
  2. Peaceful Portway 2017
  3. Cumberland Piazza summer 2017
  4. Avon Crescent Metrobus works update
  5. Consultations re savings proposals in Bristol’s Neighbourhoods
  6. Bristol Parks Forum Petition
  7. Petition to ban parking on pavements
  8. Bristol Charities Developments in Hotwells
  9. Police Beat Reports
  10. Transition Tips
  11. Bristol’s Celebrating Age Festival
  12. Bristol Learning City
  13. Bristol’s brilliant archaeology
  14. The Conservation Volunteers
  15. Meet Pliosaurus at the Bristol Museum and Art Galler

1. Avonquay House. Bad news was received last month. Although we are still waiting for an official confirmation, we understand that the Executive Board of Bristol City Council has not backed our proposals for community use of Avonquay House. We understand that the Board has authorised senior officers to make a decision and that they are going to offer a short-term lease to a ‘community interest group’, not local to the area, in return for a full commercial rent. 
We are very disappointed by this. Last year, the Council took Avonquay House off the market and told us “A decision has now been made ….to safeguard the property from the market until 31/1/2017. This is specifically to give the Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association and opportunity assess the property's feasibility as a creativity, learning and community centre for the area.”  In the meantime, Council officers allowed other organisations to submit proposals. We were never informed of this change in procedures. In fact, we met the other organisations, shared our plans and information with them, and discussed the feasibility of them working with us. In the case of the particular ‘community interest group’, we were even doing this the day before we submitted our plan - without them revealing that they were preparing to submit their own bid for the building. 
We are not leaving it there. The Avonquay House Steering Group have submitted an appeal to the Chief Executive and Mayor for the decision to be reviewed and for an investigation into the way the officers have conducted business with our community. An enormous amount of time, work and effort has gone into the proposal. The community’s energy and enthusiasm has been wonderful. The HCCA proposal is sustainable, exciting and financially viable, offering a modest rent to the Council plus enormous community value at a time when the Council is asking communities to become more self-organised and self-sustaining.
If you are unhappy about this please take it up with your Councillor/s or write to the Mayor – mayor@bristol.gov.uk

2. Peaceful Portway 2017 This year's free event has more to enjoy than ever before, and still miles of car free Portway. There's be climbing session you can pre-book, guided trails, hot air balloons, music, dancing and a HCCA are organising a gardening workshop at the Piazza, so put the 17th September in your diary and join us for this fantastic community event http://portwaysundaypark.co.uk

3. Cumberland Piazza summer 2017 It's been really hot and dry! Our experimenting continues and we'd love to thank all those who've helped us maintain our planters.  This month we'll be judged by Bristol in Bloom and enter for Cultivation Street Award. In August we hope for more rain- August usually obliges! In September the Piazza will host an array of events and activities for the Peaceful Portway see http://artunderundertheflyover.com for the latest

4. Avon Crescent Metrobus works update 
Last week Avon Crescent became a one-way, but unfortunately the traffic hasn't slowed much and the large 20mph signs have been removed. We have still seen no plans for a safe shared space, which is what the street was identified as part of the Metrobus scheme. Residents request that you please drive slowly, cycle carefully (on the road not the pavement) and support them to continue to campaign for a safe space. http://www.hotwellscliftonwood.org.uk/harbourheads_safer_streets_for_locals_and_visitors 

5. Consultations re savings proposals in Bristol’s Neighbourhoods.  
Five consultations were launched on 13th June to encourage you to have your say on how Bristol City Council could deliver certain local services with a reduced budget. Libraries, public toilets, school crossing patrols, Neighbourhood Partnerships and Bristol Community Links are all covered in the proposals. Please have a look at the consultations at: http://www.bristol.gov.uk/yourneighbourhood  and respond as you see fit. The consultation ends on 5th September. Encourage your friends and neighbours to participate as well. It is important that the decisions on these matters are made with the help of public reaction. A limited number of paper copies are also available from local libraries.

6. Bristol Parks Forum Petition. Bristol City Council is planning to have NO FUNDING available for parks in under two years’ time, relying instead on income generation from events and other sources. The Bristol Parks Forum and parks groups throughout the city believe that this is unachievable. We also believe this is unrealistic, at least in this time scale, and therefore ask you to consider signing the petition at:   http://epetitions.bristol.gov.uk/epetition_core/view/ProtectParks  Please raise awareness of this and also share with your friends.

7. Petition to ban parking on pavements.  The Bristol Walking Alliance has lodged a petition on the Council’s website. Parking on pavements in Bristol has been raised as a very serious problem for pedestrians and especially children, older people, and people with disabilities. Please sign if you agree with the petition which can be found here: http://epetitions.bristol.gov.uk/epetition_core/view/bwapavements

8. Bristol Charities Developments in Hotwells. David Fakray is the new Bristol Charities Community Development Worker for Hotwells and Redcliffe. He is looking to set up a local advisory group of over 50s to identify needs and assets among older people in the community, to promote existing activities and services, and to develop new projects. If you think you could assist or advise him or get involved please contact him at: Hotwells.redcliffe@bristolcharities.org.uk For more information please look at: www.bristolcharities.org.uk

9. Police Beat Reports. Many of you in the Clifton area may have been used to getting Police crime reports for the area through Neighbourhood Watch, or other means. We now learn that due to staffing changes these reports will no longer be circulated. However, if you wish to know more about crime in the area you can go to: https://www.police.uk/avon-and-somerset/BN195/crime/ and this should give you information about the Clifton beat area. For those in Hotwells you should enter: https://www.police.uk/avon-and-somerset/BE194/crime/ for the same kind of information.

10. Transition Tips Bristol Green Councillor Martin Fodor has launched a petition to get our Council to cut their consumption of single-use plastic. You can sign a petition to support this here. https://www.bristol247.com/opinion/your-say/plastics-single-use-blight-need-tame/  Also important is to convince all that wet wipes should be kept out of our sewage systems and therefore out of our oceans. In the last 10 years the Marine Conservation Society have recorded a 400% increase in wet wipes found on our beaches!! See https://www.citytosea.org.uk/ for more information.

11. Bristol’s Celebrating Age Festival The Celebrating Age Festival taking place on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at City Hall. To find out more, go to https://celebratingagefestival.co.uk/about-the-festival/ Please note that nominations for the Older Achiever Awards have to be in by 30th August 2017. Entries for their Art and Craft competition for over 50s must be submitted by 19th August.

12. Bristol Learning City This is a partnership of over 70 different organisations who are all working together to promote and improve learning opportunities in the city. Three leading organisations; the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and City of Bristol College have been awarded silver rating under the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Congratulations to them. More information can be found at: www.bristollearningcity.co.uk

13. Bristol’s brilliant archaeology. Saturday 29th July 11am – 4pm Blaize Castle House Museum and Estate. Part of a nationwide festival of archaeology, it will be your chance to become an archaeologist for the day or just to participate in tours, displays, demonstrations and archaeological activities. More information at: bristolmuseums.org.uk/archfest

14. The Conservation Volunteers. If you should want Tree Planting, Bench Construction, Hedge Planting, Woodland Management, Step Building, Vegetation Clearance, Path Construction, Bridge Building, Coppicing, Pond Clearance, Boardwalk Construction, Hedge Laying, Fencing, Wildlife Gardens and much more, then you could try The Conservation Volunteers. To find out more, go to: https://www.tcv.org.uk/   or contact The Conservation Volunteers, The Create Centre, Smeaton Rd, Bristol,BS1 6XN,07739 447995 or email harry.coles@tcv.org.uk

15. Meet Pliosaurus at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.  Your chance to travel back in time 150 million years and meet a fearsome Jurassic beast - the Pliosaur. Bristol was a very different place 150 million years ago! Warm seas covered the land where the city stands today and one of the biggest and fiercest of the marine reptiles was the Pliosaur. Now you have the chance to meet a full sized interactive model and see the world’s only known fossil of Pliosaurus carpenteri which was discovered in Westbury, Wiltshire in 1994. Pay what you think. The exhibition runs till January 2018.

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